About us

Jewelersparadise A place to find all the supplies that you need for one of a kind creations.

Five years ago, I took a leap of faith and resigned from my day job. I started at home in a small room in my house making some jewelry items. I was asked by friends and family all the time to sell my creations and decided to give it a shot.

My husband is in the coin and fossil business, and I have made jewelry since the age of 12 years old. I kept looking for ways to turn his items into unique pieces to use in my jewelry designs. I also wanted to create special findings for my jewelry that were not available on the market. This is how Jewelers Paradise came about. We worked out of a small room in my house. I kept at it, and five years later we are now a company with our own warehouses filled with all the goodies you need to make one of a kind jewelry.

We now stock all the pendants, findings, and chain that you need to make one of a kind creations. I spend a great deal of time making new designs available to designers world wide here.

Jewelers Paradise is now my dream job! We have travel the world to look for unique stones and items. We work with mines around the world to get stones direct from the source. When you purchase from Jewelers Paradise, you are helping small villages and communities around the world. Your purchases have made a difference in these communities and have helped to change lives!

Each product is made with the utmost care and takes a lot to produce. Our stones come direct from the mines, to the cutters and polishers. Each druzy, amethyst, etc... is hand cut and polished and then hand electroplated or bezel set. About 70% of our electroformed products are plated in the USA, and a small portion is out sourced.

The difference with our stuff and others is we carry the highest quality of stones.
We have the mines reserving all the best stones to be cut for us. You will always see the amazing quality difference when you purchase from Jewelers Paradise! We can help you produce unique findings or finished jewelry for your line. Need a pendant plated, help with manufacturing a design of yours, or wholesale pricing? E-mail us and we would love to work with you! We stock hundreds of each style and can provide large volume wholesale orders for designers.

We also have a warehouse in Chatsworth, CA that is open for Wholesale only. E-mail us for information if you would like to come visit in person.

This is my Jewelers Paradise! Thank you for visiting and please check back as we add new products daily