Carnelian Pendant with Electroplated Silver (S21B15-05)



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Listing is for ONE (1) tumbled Carnelian Pendant with Electroplated Silver Cap and Bail. (S21B15-05)

STOCK PHOTOS-- Pendants will vary in shape and size as these are made from rough-cut and natural stones.

The measurement of these pendants is approx.: 16-9mm x 11-7mm

Carnelian is a Glassy and translucent with warm, fiery colors of brown, orange and red. Known as “MOTIVATION STONE”, giving endurance, leadership, and
courage. Carnelians have protected & inspired throughout history, replacing negativity with love and life! < Base Chakra > < Sacral Chakra >

Information provided is folklore and not intended as medical advice or a promise of any outcome.

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